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Antonio Fernandez - Piano, Theory and Aural (Only available for masterclasses)

Studio Location: Enmore Road, Marrickville Studios

MORE INFO: Antonio is passionate about music and teaching, as he is believes in the social impact of classical music, and its potential to positively affect the cognitive abilities of students. He strives to provide the best results for his students while ensuring that lessons are enjoyable. He is also patient, and an experienced teacher of students both young and old.

Antonio has studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid (Spain). He specialized in classical contemporary music and graduated with the best qualifications available. He has been a member of the ‘Young Orchestra of the Netherlands’, performing under some of the best conductors in Europe and America. He has received masterclasses and artistic advice from the most prestigious tutors and performers in the world, such as Nikolai Lugansky, Andrei Gavrilov and Galina Eguiazarova.

Antonio is studying for a Graduate Degree of Arts Management at the Australian Institute of Music, as well as volunteering with the Australian Youth Orchestra. He wants to provide Australian students with the best of Europe's musical knowledge and history. He also plans to participate in several piano competitions, and run concerts and masterclasses along this year 2014. Praised by his students and their parents with proven results, Antonio will is a valuable teacher to the All Age Music team.