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James White - Drums

STUDIO LOCATION: Enmore Road, Marrickville Studios

MORE INFO: James White has been drumming for 14 years and has been performing in live bands for 10 years. Currently, he plays around Sydney in an experimental surf rock/western band, performs at events in a pop cover band, writes drums for a black metal band and does various session drumming gigs. James is a dependable, enthusiastic drummer and teacher who's always prepared to go above and beyond.

James is mainly influenced by technical metal and progressive pieces, but loves everything from pop rock to hip hop. He particularly enjoys double kicking, odd time signatures and polyrhythms. Loves playing something different and enjoys a challenge.

James is a friendly, reliable teacher who is happy to be sharing his passion of percussion with the world. He is very patient with students of all ages and aims to bring out the creative best in his students whilst ensuring they develop the fundamentals of drumming.

James has achieved honours in AMEB CPM 3 Drum Kit, and is currently furthering his studies in Jazz music.


"James is a gem of a teacher, it is the first time I have learnt an

instrument. No question is silly, he is very encouraging and that he will

play along on bass guitar with you is such a bonus. I won't ever join a

band so to play a piece along with someone is just great. I am sure he has

bad days, but you would never know it. I look forward to my lesson after

work because I know it will challenge my brain, in a fun and supportive

environment. The guy is just one cool dude."

- Lyn. O

Daniel is now 6 and a half, he has been attending drumming lessons with James for nearly a year. He loves going and that is mainly because of James. He adores him and James relates very well to Daniel. He makes the classes lots of fun with games such as ‘Simon Says’ and encourages him with rewards like stickers and stamps or even being able to play with the “cool stage lights” on. James encourages great habits of practice which has taken Dan a little time to get into but now he will take himself to the drum kit and run through what he has learnt before he goes to see James.

- Ann. W

"I have been doing drums for a over a year now and words can't describe how fantastic the experience has been. Learning piano when I was young was a grueling chore and weekly drums with James has been the total opposite.

I never thought I would ever have been able to plod my way through a cure song and having the endless patience from James is a great way to welcome in the weekend (not a chore at all!)

James has also had a awesome influence on my daughter Zoe who enjoyed being able to set up her 'chair drums' so much in my lesson time that we decided to get get into it to and she has really taken to it.

When I asked Zoe what she liked about learning the drums she said 'James is fun and I like the way her explains thing'. It is great that she is being exposed to a wide variety if songs (I was made for loving you).

It's great that James plays the guitar along side us drumming too!"

- Marlise. K

"James is the coolest drum teacher eva! He makes each lesson fun and our son is really loving his drum lessons. Thank you! "

-Rebecca. M