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Training Band 2017

Training Band

All Age Music is starting up a training band program to give students new opportunities to progress with their instrument.

Practicing music can sometimes be a lonely task, and we’re looking to change that by bringing students together and creating an exciting experience to learn as a group.

Joining an ensemble is designed to not only develop musical skills and team work, but to make students more confident with their instrument and performing.

We’ve had tremendous success with our Junior and Senior Ensembles, and want more students to experience the thrill and benefits of playing in a band.

What Is It?

The aim of this program is to give beginner students a fun and exciting musical experience by playing in a group, while developing valuable skills such as aural, timing and an overall appreciation of music.

As their skills grow we’ll evolve the class from training band into an ensemble class learning sets of songs with the prospect of getting the students gigs with our current junior and senior ensembles.

Training band will be weekly 45min group classes with our experienced band coach in the rehearsal room at All Age Music. We’re holding a FREE trial class on Tuesday August 8 for students to experience the class and see what its all about.

Why Should You Join?

· Looking to play in a band/ensemble

· Develop confidence and team work

· Progress and develop new musical skills

· Performance opportunities (real music venues and real music events)

· Access to band social events and initiations Eg; move nights, social outings

How Can I Join?

We are holding a FREE trial class on Tuesday August 8 at 5:00pm to generate interest in the class and let students experience what it’s like to play as a group.

Simply email [email protected] to book your spot.

Please state the students name, age and instrument. Or call on 0408 992 877 to discuss.

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